Meet Airflowy

Airflowy is a smart spirometer that helps adults and children with chronic lung conditions take control of their respiratory health.

Anytime, Anywhere

Our pocket-sized Bluetooth enabled smart device is easy to use, with a sleek innovative design that converts exhaled air into an acoustic signal. Live results are displayed via Airflowy's app and data can be shared remotely with the patient's primary care provider.

Smarter Algorithm

Airflowy's smart algorithm makes predictions based on a historical analysis of FEV1% and PEF test data and parameters set by the patient's healthcare provider. Symptom tracking, medication monitoring, and predictive alerts are all included in a single convenient user app.

Remote Monitoring Solutions

Airflowy's pocket spirometer and management app is designed to measure lung function while increasing patient accessibility for healthcare providers through the use of remote monitoring and secure cloud data sharing.


A small wireless spirometer with a sleek form factor that patients can take on the go and use anywhere.

Live Feedback

The spirometer has an LED display with light ring and haptic vibration to provide user feedback and live test results.

Accurate Results

Airflowy's remote monitoring test results boast the same accuracy as a spirometry test administered at a doctor's office.

Early Notifications

Data analysis can alert patients and physicians earlier to any decline in lung function allowing for timely treatment plans.

Nudge Technology

Behavioral nudge technology combined with interactive gamification helps engage patients to achieve their set goals.

Secure Data Sharing

With the Airflowy app, patients can easily share their lung function test data securely with their healthcare provider.

"It's so convenient - Suuper makes it easy to see everything going with my friends in a snap - Suuper is my new favorite app!"
Liz James
App Reviewer

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